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Panorama: Snow Over Trier University Campus

[Panorama: Click to embiggen.]

The houses look a bit askew. Should one be worried?

Panorama (17197 × 1428 Pixel): Blick vom Schellberg auf Trier

Panorama: Blick vom Schellberg auf Trier
[“Blick vom Schellberg auf Trier”, 2013-07-07. Klicken zum Vergrößern!]

Panorama: Idar

This is what Idar looked like on 28 July 2013 at 6:52 a.m. from the 14th floor of the Hotel Opal. One can clearly discern the very centre of Idar: the big roundabout. 😉 The weirdest thing about the place is not this roundabout but the huge hotel next to it–you cannot see it though. The valley like a satellite dish with the hotel as antenna…

Panorama Idar aus dem Hotel Opal
[“Panorama Idar”, 2013-07-28. Click to embiggen.]

Panorama Photo of Riga Taken from the Academy of Sciences Building

[“Panorama of Riga as seen from the Academy of Sciences Edifice”, 2013-03-31. Click to see the panorama in 9623px × 1628px.]

A Panoramic View of Tallinn

[“A Panoramic View of Tallinn”, 2013-04-04. Click to enlarge.]


[“Saarburg-Panorama”, 2012-03-12; Anklicken vergrößert]

Frage mich noch immer, wie man auf die Idee kommen kann, einen riesigen Wasserfall mitten in eine kleine Altstadt zu setzen… Bisschen speziell ist das schon.