Electronic Literature as a Means to Overcome the Supremacy of the Author Function / Presentation at ELO2015

This is a screen recording of the Prezi, I used at ELO2015 (you’ll find the complete programme here, and there is a list of video recordings). As the Prezi isn’t self-explanatory, I did a quick voice-over.

Additional Sources

  • Photograph of Michel Foucault in 1975 from “Featured Author: Michel Foucault” (Books; The New York Times on the Web; 1999; Web).
  • TeCEU charts adapted from Heiko Zimmermann, Rekonfigurationen des textuellen Handlungsraums digitaler Literatur unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Autorschaft: Geschichte, theoretische Ansprüche und deren Wechselwirkungen in der digitalen Medienpraxis (Doctoral Thesis; U of Trier, 2012; Print).

Electronic Literature Collection 2 – ELO2 – Released

Today, the Electronic Literature Organization has announced the publication of their second compilation of digital Literature*:

The Electronic Literature Collection 2 comprises 60 works by almost 70 authors in 6 languages produced on the basis of a wide range of programming/mark-up languages. The anthology, which has been edited by Laura Borràs, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley and Brian Kim Stefans, is also being published as a hard copy (DVD).

ELC2 is ready for your syllabi and reading list. As a complement to our Electronic Literature Directory, and a continuation from Volume 1, this collection offers an anthology of works that pushes through the boundaries of literary forms, creating new kinds of experiences for interacting readers.

I don’t believe as yet that there will be that much real interaction, rather reaction. However, let’s see. This will be some nice reading for the semester break. The whole thing, by the way, is under a Creative Commons license. So, spread the word and the works.

* I am using Simanowski’s terminology here.