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London Road Fire Station

London Road Fire Station in Manchester has been out of operation as long as have known it. It has a fascinating history for sure (see the Wikipedia link, below). It’s an amazing building. You leave Piccadilly station at the back entrance (where the taxis are and where you can access Metrolink) and boom: There it is in all its glory. Like many buildings in Manchester its facade is almost completely tiled to wash it off the industrial dust… Now it is undergoing reconstruction works. The clerk in the hotel opposite says it is for luxury appartments. Wikipedia is vague, talking about mixed use. Let’s see…

[“London Road Fire Station” – 2019-08-29]

Behind Canal Street, Manchester…

…you can still see numerous traces of industrial Manchester.

[“Behind Canal Street” – 2019-09-29]

Scotch Egg and London Road Fire Station, Manchester

Whenever I go to the UK, one of the first things I buy is junk food like pork pies or Scotch eggs, and some bread spreads for later on. That’s basically the things I like and I don’t get in continental Europe. The photo shows a Scotch egg in front of London Road Fire Station, Manchester, which is undergoing conversion into luxury appartents at the moment. What else, of course? I surely wouldn’t be able to afford property there, but I can afford a proper Scotch Egg. Yummy!

[“Scotch Egg and Fire Station, Manchester” – 2019-08-29]

Electronic Literature as a Means to Overcome the Supremacy of the Author Function / Presentation at ELO2015

This is a screen recording of the Prezi, I used at ELO2015 (you’ll find the complete programme here, and there is a list of video recordings). As the Prezi isn’t self-explanatory, I did a quick voice-over.

Additional Sources

  • Photograph of Michel Foucault in 1975 from “Featured Author: Michel Foucault” (Books; The New York Times on the Web; 1999; Web).
  • TeCEU charts adapted from Heiko Zimmermann, Rekonfigurationen des textuellen Handlungsraums digitaler Literatur unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Autorschaft: Geschichte, theoretische Ansprüche und deren Wechselwirkungen in der digitalen Medienpraxis (Doctoral Thesis; U of Trier, 2012; Print).

Photo: On a Boat


[“On a Boat”, Strassbourg, 2014-06-10. Click to embiggen.]

Christmas Market in Brussels: Waffles and Fries

Fritten- und Waffelbude
[“Christmas Market in Brussels”, 2013-12-08]

Walking through Icebergs at Place de la Monnaie / Brussels



















[2013-12-08. De Munt / Brussel. Learn more about the art installation here.]

Aus der losen Reihe “Food Photography zum Wegrennen”: Gebratenes Matjesfilet auf Bratkartoffeln an Salat

[“Gebratenes Matjesfilet auf Bratkartoffeln an Salat”, 2013-09-18, Pilot, Leipzig]

Panorama (17197 × 1428 Pixel): Blick vom Schellberg auf Trier

Panorama: Blick vom Schellberg auf Trier
[“Blick vom Schellberg auf Trier”, 2013-07-07. Klicken zum Vergrößern!]

Fotografie einer Herde im Schatten ruhender Kühe am Rande des Ruwertalradwegs

Kühe - süß und schmackhaft
[“Kühe–süß und schmackhaft”, 2013-07-07. Klicken zum Vergrößern!]

Neulich im Park des Schlosses Monaise bei Trier

Irgendwer hat angeblich Giftköder für/gegen Hunde ausgelegt, und anscheinend reagieren Hundebesitzer mit einer Aktion, bei der sie mindestens viele Aushänge an Bäume nageln. Am unverhältnismäßigsten an der Aktion scheint mir die Anzahl der verwendeten Satzzeichen.

Schloss Monaise

Panorama: Idar

This is what Idar looked like on 28 July 2013 at 6:52 a.m. from the 14th floor of the Hotel Opal. One can clearly discern the very centre of Idar: the big roundabout. 😉 The weirdest thing about the place is not this roundabout but the huge hotel next to it–you cannot see it though. The valley like a satellite dish with the hotel as antenna…

Panorama Idar aus dem Hotel Opal
[“Panorama Idar”, 2013-07-28. Click to embiggen.]

Radwege: Über die Schell ins Ruwertal

Über den Berg zum Ruwerradweg

Entfernung: 40 km
Gesamtzeit: 2h 40min
Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit: 15 km/h
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 50 km/h
Elevation Gain: 738 m
Maximales Gefälle: 11%
Tiefster Punkt: 161m ü. NN
Höchster Punkt: 456m ü. NN

Late Afternoon in Riga

[“Late Afternoon in Riga”, 2013-03-30. Click to enlarge.]

Panorama: Jugendstil in Riga

[“Jugendstil in Riga”, 2013-03-31. Click to enlarge.]

Latvian Academy of Sciences Building

[“Latvian Academy of Sciences Building”, 2013-03-31. Click to enlarge.]

Riga – Another Perspective

[“Riga – Another Perspective”, 2013-03-31]

Street Art Decorations in Spīķeri, Riga

[“Street Art Decorations in Spīķeri, Riga”, 2013-03-31. Click to enlarge.]

Laima Clock in Riga

[“Laima Clock in Riga”, 2013-03-31]

Panorama Photo of Riga Taken from the Academy of Sciences Building

[“Panorama of Riga as seen from the Academy of Sciences Edifice”, 2013-03-31. Click to see the panorama in 9623px × 1628px.]