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Book Cover of the Future…

… or just some gimmicky idea whose effect on the reader will wear off quickly? [via, more]

American Christmas Music

In case you don’t know the songs listed as part of the annual reincarnation of the baby boomers’ perfect Christmas, have a listen. This is all from the 1950s.

Impressive GetUp! Commercial

Really worth having a look at this Australian commercial against sex-based marriage discrimination. Next to the wonderful music and images, the speed of the narrated time together with fast cutting puts viewers readily into the perspective of the focalizer, who is one part of a young couple living their life together. In the end, the other half proposes… And the viewer can decide whether to accept or not…

[“It’s Time,” Get Up! Action for Australia, YouTube, Music Oliver Tank (“Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion”), 24 Nov. 2011, via]

Background is that the majority of Australian voters support marriage equality, but PM Julia Gillard opposes it on grounds of the usual Christian-fundamentalist-based ideas of the inequality of men and women…

No Self

[“[N]o self is an island”, 2011-10-18]

Eigentlich ist jetzt genau das richtige Wetter, um gepflegt in der Stube…

…zu sitzen und alte Hollywood-Schinken zu kucken. Wie den Ivanhoe von 1952. Der Trailer ist fjeden sehr reizvoll.

The History of English in Ten Minutes

Learn about the history of English in ten minutes: Much faster and funnier than e.g. Baugh and Cable–but, alas!, probably not sufficient to pass your BA exam. Anyway, have a look:

[via Maria]

More info (e.g. transcripts) at the source, The Open University.

Auch knapp 150 Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung…

…scheint mir der Ruskin überaus lesenswert und höchst aktuell. Vielleicht sollte man Politiker und Wirtschaftsfunktionäre zur Lektüre solcher Texte drängen? (Das ist möglicherweise ein Vorteil der konsekutiven Studiensysteme, in denen als BA so etwas sinnvolles wie Literatur, Kultur oder Philosophie und als MA dann berufliches Handwerkszeug wie Wirtschaft oder Jura studiert wird…)

So far as I know, there is not in history record of anything so disgraceful to the human intellect as the modern idea that the commercial text, “Buy in the cheapest marekt and sell in the dearest,” represents, or under any circumstances could represent, an available pinciple of […] economy. (John Ruskin, “Unto this Last: Four Essays on the First Principles of Political Economy” (Unto this Last and Other Writings; Hg. Clive Wilmer; London: Penguin, 1997; 155-228; Print; 187))

…Mal so ganz aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen. Sorry. Müsster selber lesen! 😉

Voice Recognition…

…is not from Foxconn or Apple. They have it in elevators, too. And it works perfectly fine–even if you don’t speak with an American accent.

[Burnistoun S1E1] [via]

How Do I Pronounce Words Like Onomatopoeia?

This way, of course:

Another example from the very helpful YouTube channel of Pronunciation Manual.

Nah, you’re right. This is taking the piss out of the weird channel of Pronunciation Book–and they really mean it. “This video shows you how to pronounce ciabatta. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the Italian bread.” Have a look:

And now you, please, pronounce the bread.

Tea Party! America Thanks You!

[by D. C. Douglas]

Lesetipp: Planwirtschaft DFG…

…oder Matthias Ulmer schlägt sich wacker.

Im Börsenblatt.

Herzlichen Dank für den Beitrag!

Studieninformation des Forum Campus: Aufbaustudiengang Nachrichtenmelodik

[“Forum Campus” von Scott Hühnerkrisp]

Sehr schön, wenn man das nach dem ersten Hören noch einmal hört…

Suffragettes on CCTV

I know it is not CCTV, but still an interesting story about, perhaps, UK’s first spy pictures ever. A couple of years ago, the National Archives uncovered how the police spied on the suffragettes. You can read about this here: Dominic Casciani, “Spy pictures of suffragettes revealed,” BBC News Online, 3 Oct. 2003.

How to Be a Retronaut have just posted a whole section of these photos that were used by police officers to identify suspects. Now, it seems to be a gallery of pride in the fight for women’s rights.

[Unfortunately, I cannot give full credit to the photographers. However, due to crown copyright regulations, the photo is in the public domain.]

Dan und Dan und der Abhörskandal

Ganz Großbritannien spricht über den Abhörskandal um News of the World.
Ganz Großbritannien?

Ja, ganz Großbritannien! Sogar Dan und Dan. Und sie haben eine Geschäftsidee…

“Thrush” ist übrigens “Soor”, also eine Pilzinfektion der Mundschleimhaut.

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Grammar Nazi

There is an episode of the CollegeHumor Show that uses the same kind of idea. Instead of an office environment, its setting is based on the first shot of Inglourious Basterds. It might be worth comparing (especially the focus of the grammar (in the wide sense) corrections). Anyway, *schnöff* their channel doesn’t allow embedding.

Rainhum von Renée Turner

Wenn es so schüttet wie heute, ist Summen angesagt…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[Renée Turner, “Rainhum”, CC-BY-NC]

Filme: Rivers Wash over Me – John G. Young – 2009

Whow! Race relations, incest, drugs, homophobia, violence, North/South issues, …, in the USA. Everything you always wanted to see in one film. There you go:

It is a bit too much at times. Timing of the scenes and something else (that I can’t really put my finger on at the moment) slightly off beat all the time. However, well acted, wonderfully picturesque setting, camera showing the right perspective, the right angle, very subjective… (The end is crap, though. I would have wanted the three of them to leave and to go into the woods. Some classical ending. 😉 Yes, there is the baptism scene, but that hardly suffices.) Well, good to get a glimpse of some contemporary, provincial American, subjective point of view of everyday life (however specific it might be). A recommendation.

“Now Here This” by Stuart Moulthrop

There’s all kinds of political comments in Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden (the whole text is stance against the Persian Gulf War of 1990/91 (at least)). The different forms of these are especially interesting. This is a poem therefrom:

Hear it comes again, riverRerun past towering erections of the five Cousins with but one middle initial among them. I’ve seen The Best Minds of My Generation but I should’ve waited for the sequel. Revenge, renege, regain, once more around the bases.

Doesn’t nobody on this bus know any new jokes—Of course not, O Fool, for this is America I here singing: New Boston, New Trier, New London, New Berlin, New Hiroshima, New Victorygarden, New Jeruseylem [sic]. All’re bored!

Life mag say Mars Is Our Next Home (gee ‘n’ I can’t afford the one I ain’t got now) we’re gonna take that red planet & paint the town blue & we shall build an urb upon that orb & its name shall be calléd [sic]: SeemYouLackerTM : Registered Treadmark [sic] of the New and Improved Babylon.

Or jes Slacktown to them as knows.
Get back.

[Stuart Moulthrop, Victory Garden (Watertown, MA: Eastgate, 1991), “Now Here This”.]

Cognitive, Corporeal and Territorial Space: Different Approaches to the Analysis of Space in Fiction and Film

Veranstaltungstipp für heute Abend.

[Plakat: J. Hochrein]

Zauberhafte Nora Gomringer tritt in Trier auf

Bemerkenswert! nicht verpassen! Diesen Donnerstag. Mit der wundervollen Nora Gomringer. Beim Bayerischen Rundfunk gibt es ein interessantes Video ihres Gedichts “Ursprungsalphabet“.1

Aus eigener Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass die Fränkin das Publikum mit und vielleicht sogar von den Stühlen reißen wird. Solche Kraft! Und dazu sogar für Anglisten/Amerikanisten geeignet… Also, kommt vorbei! Alle! Los! Donnerstag, 14. April 2011, 20.30 Uhr in der Tufa.

[Übrigens: Lahme Wissenschaftsvortragswettbewerbe, die möglicherweise am gleichen Abend stattfinden, können niemals als Entschuldigung gelten. ;-)]

1 Eigentlich wollte ich’s hier einbinden, aber die on3-Redaktion antwortet nicht auf meine Anfrage. 🙁