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Readings: Fault Lines: An Anthology of New Writing from the MA in Creative Writing, University College Dublin 2013

Boyle, Joe, ed. Fault Lines: An Anthology of New Writing from the MA in Creative Writing (University College Dublin 2013). Dublin: Universal Publishing, 2013.

Where bought: Books Upstairs, just opposite Trinity’s main entrance.

Price: 10 €

Pages: 178.

Best Reads:

“The Switch” by Alan James Keogh (26-33)

It’s the story of a man unhappy with his life who switches bodies and life with another man, who is unhappy for other reasons. In the end, the hope put into the switch proves to be a fantasma as the personality, the self remains the same. (Keywords: body, identity, mind, fat, unhappiness, happiness, loneliness, gym, sports, science fiction, fantasy, heterodiegetic, internal focalization, unreliable narrator, short story)

“At Peace” by Alan James Keogh (34-37)

Conceptional piece/creation story of a statue of a man. Nice writing exercise. (Keywords: statue, body, identity, happiness, fantasy, autodiegetic, internal focalization, short story)

“The Inheritance” by Neil Bristow (112-20)

The story of Daniel, an escort who has paid sex with men who have to wear the reeking pyjamas of his late grandfather. The reader learns about Daniel and his punter Lev bit by bit with the indirect characterization misleading all the time. The story, although being full of surprises, ultimately casts quite a dreary light on the history and the present lives of everybody in the story. (Keywords: escort, gender/sex/identity, gay, sex, family, money, abuse, poverty, heterodiegetic, internal focalization, short story)

[UPDATE: Read Neil Bristow’s story on-line.]

“A White Dove” by Martin Sheridan (122-37)

Story showing the perspectives of a group of adolescent ravers on drugs. This is some sort history of pop culture of the 1990s. The distance in time from our perspective is made graspable by putting the main character not in the centre of Dublin, but making him travel there from the suburbs at the beginning of the story. (Keywords: Bildungsstory, drugs, music, dance, Dublin, youth, history, rave, techno, short story)

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