How to Convert a Portable Prezi to a Prezi Desktop File (PEZ)

…yes, and why on earth should you be wanting to do this?

I had a portable prezi (ZIP with app/exe and a couple of files and folders included) on my harddisk and wanted to use it as a basis for a new prezi. The presentation was not in my prezi account as I had to delete it for the lack of space in the free version. Back when I saved it on my harddisk, I had no subscription of Prezi, so that saving it as PEZ file did not appear worthwhile. Well, there I was with a ZIP file and no way of neither uploading it to Prezi nor of opening it in Prezi desktop.

How to convert then?

Step 1: Unzip the ZIP file (if you haven’t unzipped it for use already).
Step 2: Within the folder created by unzipping the file, there is a folder named “content”. Within this folder, there is a folder named “data”. Rename the folder “data” to “prezi”.
Step 3: Open your terminal window and go to the parent folder of “prezi”–which is “content”. You can do this by typing “cd ” (note the space after “cd”) into the command line in terminal and then dragging and dropping the folder “content” into the terminal window. Press enter.
Step 4: Use the command “zip -r0 convertedprezi.pez prezi” (that’s a numerical digit zero in the “-r” option). “convertedprezi.pez” is the file name of the file you want to create. You can give it a different name, of course. By executing this command, you are creating a zip folder without compression. If you don’t want to use the terminal or use an operation system other than OS X, use the tool, you normally use to create ZIP files without compression (this point is important: no compression!).
Step 5: There is no step five. You are done. You can open the file in Prezi Desktop now and upload it into your Prezi account from there. Everything without guarantee and at your own risk. Make a backup to be on the safe side.

Simple, isn’t it? Now, I wonder why the Prezi developers don’t seem to be willing to include an import function for these portable Prezis into Prezi Desktop.

Does it work for you? Are you experiencing difficulties with this conversion? Please, leave a comment.

Note 2013-04-07: This is an updated/corrected version of the post.

70 thoughts on “How to Convert a Portable Prezi to a Prezi Desktop File (PEZ)”

  1. so i used andres tovar’s method because i’m windows user but when i import to prezi it says error, so where is the error? any help please?

  2. Hey guyz, am in a trouble… I am not a mac user and still got the same problem, I have a portable prezi which I need to edit. It’s infact my own prezi but I accidently deleted the pez file. can anyone help me???

  3. Thank GOD… and thank you guyz, thanks a lot lot lot… TOVAR’s method worked… am so thankful can’t even express… thanks a million…

  4. hello i have got prezi desktop 5.2.8 but when i open it the connection is lost it say (no conection to prezi ) what should i do plzz help

  5. I love you. Thank you very much!!
    After trying some ways at the end it worked!!
    It’s very nice find this post in the deseperation 😉

  6. I don’t think it’s worth it at the moment as it looks as if the Prezi team doesn’t want people to save PEZ files any longer–I might be mistaken in my observation. It is a shame as this means that I will have to turn my back to Prezi in the long run as I do not really want to trust the cloud entirely but keep my own archive instead.

  7. Hi, I am a windows user and I just have a .exe file. I cant find the TOVAR comment which every one is talking about. can you help me?

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