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Filme: Rivers Wash over Me – John G. Young – 2009

Whow! Race relations, incest, drugs, homophobia, violence, North/South issues, …, in the USA. Everything you always wanted to see in one film. There you go:

It is a bit too much at times. Timing of the scenes and something else (that I can’t really put my finger on at the moment) slightly off beat all the time. However, well acted, wonderfully picturesque setting, camera showing the right perspective, the right angle, very subjective… (The end is crap, though. I would have wanted the three of them to leave and to go into the woods. Some classical ending. 😉 Yes, there is the baptism scene, but that hardly suffices.) Well, good to get a glimpse of some contemporary, provincial American, subjective point of view of everyday life (however specific it might be). A recommendation.

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