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Obama and Clinton Condemn Uganda’s Odious Anti-Gay Agenda

The National Prayer Breakfast, which is actually a series of meetings and luncheons, is held annually on the first Thursday of February. There is always a famous keynote speaker; this year, the Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. It is tradition that the US President takes part in this little event and delivers a speech–as I was told, normally something that would flatter the corrupted egos of the attending Christians. However, this time, the president and the foreign secretary pissed on the parade of their hosts, the so called “Fellowship,” a well-connected Christian fundamentalist organisation. Members of this group fostered the Evangelical revival in Uganda, they are said to be responsible for the rise in HIV infections, and they had proposed the bill that called for death penalty for homosexuals (details w/ links about the Uganda connection of the “Fellowship” on Wikipedia). Let us hope that the luncheons following up the speeches of Clinton and Obama had a slightly bitter taste for some of the hate preachers.


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