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New Series “Turkish Delight” (TD): Muttonhead

I must admit that I did not give the mutton soup a chance but rather stuck with the usual Kebab which was, as always, marvellous. It’s a shame that most people do not really go out for lunch in Germany. There are exceptions, of course, but the idea that you go to a café/restaurant every day does not really exist here. People take their food with them, or they use a canteen or the refectory or some other kind of mass feeding facility. In Laleli, I have the impression, people just walk through the streets during their lunch break to find something to eat, and if they walk past this window with the freshly scraped out muttonheads, they might want to have their lunch there.

[Date: 5 June 2008 | Place: Laleli, Istanbul | These muttonheads give evidence of the quality of the soup produced in the café/restaurant in Laleli/?stanbul.]

New Series: Turkish Delight
In this new series of photographs and comments, I will share some impressions of my trip to Anatolia. Being invited by my Turkish friends in Sivas, I spent some time there travelling around Eastern Central Anatolia and also to ?stanbul. I thought a while about the right way of presenting the photographs I took on the journey but have not come up with a satisfactory conclusion, so that I thought why not just start somewhere and present the images on the blog. Let’s see if I can find a way of organising the material in another way later on…

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