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dL: Michael Hanttula, The Spoon Journal

Spoon Journal Project
from Michael Hanttula

DATE: A period of 10 months, many years ago.
SUBJECT: 57 spoons collected from various restaurants and cafes in California & New York.
OBJECTIVE: A study on the idealogy [sic] of the journey as a destination. Or, less in less-cliché terms, that the daily experience is worthy of meditation and comtemplation [sic].
INSTRUCTIONS: The following records are not a narrative. The rest is up to you. [here]

Looking at the text on the title screen of the project, one is amazed to see that the artist wants to authorize every kind of use except an understanding that this could be a narrative. The photos and captions seem to be ordered though, two places are given (California and New York; the artist is supposedly a graduate of New York University), the second part of the project’s name is ‘journal,’ the time is given (May 1996 – Feb. 1997; though the texts distances itself (‘many years ago’)): There seem to be hints that this could be a narrative (setting, time, plot, sub-plot, means of cohesion).

Spoon 1

Three years in New York.
Leaving NYU; a diploma and this dining hall spoon.
More fond of spoon. [31 May, NYU, here]

This seems to be the starting point of two things: the project (the first spoon is collected), a journey of the narrator. We know that there will be spoons from New York as well as from California.

Spoon 2: The Brother of the narrator is introduced.

Spoon 3: The narrator is in California, a journey is described (maybe this, which would take about three hours – the narrator claims to have been driven all night though),

Spoon 4: Mother introduced. Narrator seems to be from California.

Spoon 5: Lisa introduced, narrator was flirted with in high school: probably male.

Spoon 6: Narrator has his first job as a musician, Mr. Bill (a playwright) introduced, allusions to upcoming meetings and a film project.

Spoon 8 (18 Sep): Brother has a new work place, narrator wants to have a job.

Spoon 9 (23 Sep): 1st job interview, failure. Father introduced.

Spoon 10: Narrator meets Kate for the first time in many months. Hopes that they will meet more often.

Spoon 11: Lisa’s ‘love conversation’.

Spoon 13: Journey with Lisa.

Spoon 14, 16: 1st and 2nd meeting with Bill. Along to the video project with Bill, narrator wants to get a ‘steady’ job as a writer for video games.

Spoon 17: Narrator wonders about the spoon project. Wants a change.

Spoon 18: Lisa invites narrator to the cinema.

Spoon 20: Out with a Bulgarian friend. She gives him a leaf she has been carrying all night.

Spoon 21: N continues writing a script. Bill’s?

Spoon 23: Lunch w/ Kim.

Spoon 24 (16 Nov): On a grand tour w/ Graham. N wants to move to Southern California.

Spoon 27: Meredith introduced. Friends.

Spoon 34: Accident with Krassi’s car.

Spoon 35 (29 Dec): Trip to the east coast w/ Graham and Kim. N discusses move in together w/ Graham.

Spoon 37: Rendezvous(*) w/ Mark Bennet in NY.

Spoon 39: Petia and Svetla ask n about living abroad. Doesn’t know what to answer.

Spoon 40: Lunch with parents. While eating watching a video about Kenya. N thinks about travelling.

Spoon 42: Kendra, JoAylce, and N meet for lunch.(*)

Spoon 43: N spends more time w/ Kendra. N’s brother has spent weekend with Suzanne.

Spoon 44: Journey to San Francisco w/ Kendra and JoAylce.

Spoon 45, 46, 47 and 48: Hint at a surgery. More time spent with Kendra.

Spoon 49: Graham and N looking for apartment for N’s move.

Spoon 52: N meets Suzanne the 1st time.

Spoon 54: Things w/ Kendra seem fine. Frog mentioned.

Spoon 55: Lunch: family, Kendra, Suzanne.

Spoon 56: W/ Gavin, Jo Aylce, Kendra on a hiking tour. Frog mentioned.

Spoon 57 (20 Feb): Kendra ends relationship.

Topics and sub-plots: Jello (32), Jo Aylce and the frog, Lisa and N, Suzanne and Dan, finding work, being an artist, meta: spoons, travelling.

The narrator: a graduate of NYU (1), a musician (6), an artist
Dan, supposedly brother of the narrator (2), (22), interested in Suzanne
Ryan: has an old convertible FIAT (3)
Mother of the narrator: birthday party in 10 Aug. (4)
Lisa Valentino (18): (5), thinks about love (11), (18)
Mr. Bill: a playwright (6), (14), (16)
Father of the narrator (9)
Kate (10)
Kim: a shaman (19), a friend (23), (28), writes haikus (29)
A Bulgarian friend (20)
Graham: a friend (24)
Meredith: a friend (27)
Krassi (32): has an accident (34), friend (41)
Sophia: A Swedish cousin (32)
Mark Bennet: a NY acquaintance (37)
Petia and Svetla: Austrian women, friends of Krassi
Kendra: friend (42), lover (44-end)

There is an interview with Mike Hanttula in “The Brains Behind” series at .netmag.

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