International Conference at the Bayreuth Institute for American Studies (BIAS)

University of Bayreuth, Germany
31 January and 1 February 2008

Concept: Georg Kamphausen, Susanne Mühleisen, Michael Steppat
Organizer: Michael Steppat

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Please click the names to view our conference videos. All videos are Real Media and can either be downloaded or opened as a stream.

Opening Address

Patricia H. Guy
(8 min 44 sec; download 35 MB)


David Sumner
(8 min 44 sec; download 18.5 MB)

Thomas M. Maher
(15 min 10 sec; download 70.8 MB)

Jay D. Bolter
(7 min 14 sec; download 33.7 MB)

James A. Miller
(11 min 22 sec; download 53.1 MB)

Conference Papers

Jay D. Bolter
(11 min 56 sec; download 83 MB)

Volker Depkat
(3 min 32 sec; download 24.7 MB)

Ute Fendler
(5 min 13 sec; download 36.3 MB)

Hellmut Fröhlich
(12 min 53 sec; download 89.7 MB)


Interview: Thomas M. Maher


(LtoR) Michael Steppat, Patricia H. Guy and Michael Zöller.

(LtoR) Michael Steppat and Jim Miller.

Abstracts of Papers

Abstracts as a PDF file [16 kB].

Leaflets and Poster

Program Leaflet [PDF, 2MB]

Poster [PDF, 4MB]