g e l b . n e t
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s i t e s   c u r r e n t l y   a v a i l a b l e : 

h e r e :  
      Gelblog                   (a still quite experimental and eclectic collection of words, 
                                    photographic images, drawings, motion pictures and links)
      HeikoZimmermann.de                                              (HZ's personal website)
      Aspects of E. M. Forster                       (site dedicated to the english novelist)
      Pixel                        (photographs with a number of people on them, most of them 
                                                                    (the photos) taken by HZ)
      Konsens                                                                    (FF's pages)
      Americanisms                                                       (conference website)
e l s e w h e r e :
      Anglistik Leipzig                                     (done: scripts (not the layout!))      
      PhilFak Leipzig                                                           (maintenance)
      Romanistik Leipzig                                       (done: scripts and new layout)
      Dannenberg Bayreuth                                      (done: micro cms w/o database)
      UK in LE                                                     (done: scripts and design)
      WILMA                                                                     (maintenance)